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SouthJamm Volleyball 2024 is coming up soon. We are looking forward to another great season at SouthJamm Volleyball.

SouthJamm Volleyball  - Anniston

Located @ The Anniston Aquatic & Fitness Center

Last Chance Tryouts are November 4, 2023@ 8am - $30 fee


2023 / 2024 CLUB FEES

PAID IN FULL - $1000 (due Nov. 11, 2023)

Payment Plan - 3 payments of $375

(due Nov. 11, 2023, Dec. 1, 2023 & Jan. 1, 2024)

Ask about our Early Bird Payment Plan

Developmental Program (non-travel) - $500 (due Nov. 11, 2023)


Club Fees are Non-Refundable as all supplies and fees are paid in advance 

Fees include:

2 jerseys, spandex shorts, 2 practice shirts, sweatshirt, backpack, gym fees, coaches fees, balls & equipment and awards banquet.


Developmental Program (non-travel) will receive 2 practice shirts and will also be invited to our awards banquet 


Click on logo to register your membership at the SRVA


JUNIOR TRYOUT/COMMITMENT POLICY: SRVA’s intent is to allow players to tryout with multiple clubs. A 5-day tryout period will not begin earlier than on the second Saturday in October for age groups 14 and below. A 5-day tryout period for ages 15 through 18 will not begin prior to the first day after the completion of each state’s high school championship. A tryout fee no greater than $75 may be collected during these periods. No player may be allowed to make a greater financial commitment to a club until:

• For 14 and under players, the 6th day after the second Saturday in October.


• For players age 15 and above, the 6th day after the completion of that state’s high school championship.

Participants should be careful not to violate any high school or collegiate rules that may apply.

It shall not be considered a violation of the tryout policy for a club, following the beginning of the tryout period and prior to the commitment day, to provide a player/parent with a statement that the Club is offering the player a spot on a designated team, or the player is an alternate for a spot on a designated team. The Club may not withdraw the offer prior to the established commitment day unless the offer is rejected by the player/parent.

All club websites must prominently post the SRVA tryout policy or a link to it entitled "Link to the SRVA Tryout Policy" where their tryout information is located.

All clubs will also be required to acknowledge the SRVA rules/policies as defined in this Handbook and certify that the SRVA Tryout/Commitment policies were followed as a part of the recruiting/forming the teams being registered BEFORE any team registration can be processed further. Violations of the Tryout/Commitment policies may be subject the club and possibly any players involved in the violation to suspension from SRVA along with a non-refundable revocation of all team (possibly club) fees submitted.





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